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Hi everybody!

I’m sure you where beginning to wonder if this site has had a sudden death.


Basically, i began this site as a project while i was unemployed and looking for work. I recently found a job (Yay!) but that has limited my free time to post on this blog.

But fear not my friends! I am going to continue posting and writing on this site. I am currently aiming to post a new update this weekend – ideally Saturday AM, so look out for it!


In other news i have begun another new project (I like spreading myself as thinly as possible!).

I am going to develop a new game concept i have been thinking about for the past 3 weeks as a full game. not a mod. not a map. a full game!

I am planning to make use of the UDK to create a full 3D 2D side scrolling shooter game. (wow, so original!) but i have some pretty nice concepts in mind and am hoping i can make it something a little different to the standard side scrolling shooter games out there.

I will not go into much detail, but expect to see many tutorials and blog posts inspired by my new game project!

Cheers everybody!


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